Yes, I worked out on vacation, and no, it’s not that hard to do (with a handy vacation workout kit as seen in the video above).

In addition to what you see below, I performed some choice mobility exercises and soft tissue work with the band, lacrosse ball, and foam roller as part of my morning warm-ups.

I’m not normally a morning workout person, but from past experience I’ve found that if I don’t get it in first thing in the morning on vacation, it just doesn’t happen.  I recommend you take the same advice.  And remember, just because drinks on the beach go down easily does not mean they come off easily (hence all the delightful tabata intervals and met con circuits you see below).

Here’s a breakdown of the workouts:

Day 1:

150 x burpees in Tabata intervals (20 sec work / 10 sec rest).  Go until you hit 150.

Day 2:

Repeat each circuit 2 times, then move to the next with as little rest as possible (6 circuit rotations altogether):

Circuit 1:

  • 12 x plyometric push-ups
  • 15 x sandbag bent over rows
  • 10 x single-leg stand-ups (each leg)

Circuit 2:

  • 15 x sandbag clean and press
  • 20 x resistance tube reverse flys (I achored the band to a pole)
  • 30 ft and back sandbag off balance lunge walks

Circuit 3:

  • 12 x diamond push-ups
  • 10 x plank tricep up downs
  • 20 x Zottman resistance band curls
  • 10 x box jumps (did them on a bench)

Day 3:

~30 minute walk

Day 4:

3 x 2 x pistol squats (began with several warm-up sets of single leg stand ups and assisted pistols)

10 x 10 minute EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute):

  • 80 lbs sandbag power clean with full front squat (it was so much fun)

2 x 15 resistance band terminal knee extensions

Day 5:

Repeat circuit 5 times with 1 minute break in between (thanks Darebee for this one!)

  • 20 jumping jacks
  • 20 arm circles (10 each direction)
  • 20 jumping jacks
  • 20 arm circles
  • 20 lateral leg raises (10 each side)
  • 20 jumping jacks
  • 20 burpees
  • 20 jumping jacks

Day 6:

3 x 3 one-arm push-ups (preceded by extended warm-up consisting of archer push-up variations)

3 x 6 one-arm 80 lbs sandbag press (would be MUCH harder without the Ultimate Sandbag handles)

3 x 12 Pull-ups (did them on an overhang)

Superset (back-to-back):

  • 2 x 12 one arm sandbag rows
  • 2 x 15 resistance band one-arm flys

Sandbag complex (don’t put the bag down until all the reps are down) x 2:

  • 12 x bicep curls
  • 12 x overhead tricep extensions
  • 8 x upright rows
  • 10 x shrugs

100 push-ups as fast as possible (I was not very fast)

Day 7:

~30 minute walk