Mobility Exercises

The following exercises are for educational purposes only.  Three Storm Fitness, LLC takes no responsibility for any harm done while attempting any of the exercises listed on this site.  Have fun!

How to Use the Table Below:

First method: Choose 2-4 exercises from the Weakness Protocol column to go after weak/pain points.

Second method: Search the table using the Search tool in the upper right, or browse the Tags column to find the right exercises.

Third method: Just pick an exercise at random and go nuts!

By the way, many of the exercises below (and a ton more) can be found in Dr. Kelly Starrett’s Becoming a Supple Leopard.  It’s my go-to guide for all things mobility:

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VideoExerciseWeakness ProtocolToolsTags
Figure 4 Hamstring and Hip Stretch SeriesHamstrings/Hips/BackNothingHamstrings, Hips, Lower Back
Third World Squat for TimeHips/Ankles/BackNothingHips, Lower Back, Ankles, 10 minute squat test, deep squat
Toe ManipulationFoot/AnkleNothingToes
Lacrosse Ball Foot SmashFoot/AnkleLacrosse BallFeet, toes, lacrosse ball, smash, plantar fasciitis, arches, arch
Inside Heel SmashFoot/AnkleLacrosse BallFeet, heel bone, medial heel, arches
Inside Ankle Ball WhackFoot/AnkleLacrosse BallAnkle bone, heel, arches, feet
Ankle Circles and Alphabet DrillFoot/AnkleNothingAnkle strength, ankle range of motion
Plantarflexion StretchFoot/AnkleNothingplantarflexion, top of the ankle, top of the foot
Posterior Tibialis SmashKneesLacrosse Ballshin muscle, flat feet, arches, shin bone muscle
Calf and Heel Cord StretchKneesNothingcalves, Achilles tendon, ankle dorsiflexion, knee pain
Bone Saw Anterior Tibialis SmashKneesFoam Roller, Lacrosse Ballshin bone muscle, shin muscle, shin splints
Calf and Heel Cord SmashKneesFoam Roller, Lacrosse Ballcalves, dorsiflexion, knee pain
Suprapatellar Pouch SmashKneesLacrosse Ballknee cap, knee pain, top of knee
Behind the Knee SmashKneesLacrosse BallKnee pain, posterior knee pain, calves, calf
Hip Socket SmashHipsLacrosse BallHip pain, hip mobility, TFL, hip flexors, femur
Hip Stretch from the FloorHipsNothingHip socket stretch, hip mobility, hip extension, external rotation, internal rotation
Hamstring Lax Ball SmashLow BackLacrosse BallHamstrings, box smash, tight hamstrings
Glute SmashLow BackLacrosse Ballglutes, piriformis, gluteus medius, low back pain
Couch StretchLow BackNothinghip flexors, iliopsoas, psoas, low back pain
Hip Adductor SmashHipsFoam Roller, Lacrosse BallVMO, inside of quads, groin, knee pain
Global Quad SmashKneesFoam Roller, Lacrosse Ballquadriceps, knee pain, quads
QL SmashLow BackLacrosse Ballquadtratus lumborum, low back pain, side of back
Global Gut SmashLow BackPlay Ballvagus nerve, stomach, low back pain
Pelvic Reset DrillLow BackNothingPelvis, hips, hip balance, low back pain
Thumb SmashWristsLacrosse Ballthumb pain, wrist pain, base of thumb
Forearm Stack and SmashElbows/ForearmsLacrosse Ball (2)forearm pain, tennis elbow, forearm extensors, carpal tunnel
Forearm Extensor SmashElbows/ForearmsLacrosse Ballforearm pain, tennis elbow, forearm extensors, carpal tunnel
Lying Tricep SmashElbows/ForearmsLacrosse Balltriceps, back of arm, golfer's elbow, golfers elbow
Wrist Mobilization DrillWristsNothingwrist pain, stiff wrists, handstands
Internal Shoulder Rotation MobilizationShouldersNothinginternal shoulder rotation, rotator cuff
Blue Angel Smash on WallShouldersLacrosse Ballchest, shoulder, front deltoid, pectoral major, pectoral minor, internal shoulder rotation
Lying Blue Angel SmashShouldersLacrosse Ballchest, shoulder, front deltoid, pectoral major, pectoral minor, internal shoulder rotation
Lat Smash on WallShouldersLacrosse BallLatissimus dorsi, back muscle, armpit, overhead reach
Lying Lacrosse Ball Lat SmashShouldersLacrosse BallLatissimus dorsi, back muscle, armpit, overhead reach
Rotator Cuff SmashShouldersLacrosse Ballexternal shoulder rotation, external rotation, shoulder pain
Lying Trap SmashShouldersLacrosse BallTrapezius, traps
Lying Scapula SmashShouldersLacrosse BallScapular mobility, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, shoulder blade, upper back pain
Posterior Shoulder Capsule MobilizationShouldersKettlebell, Dumbbellrear deltoid, shoulder pain, a/c, ac joint
Trap and First Rib SmashShouldersLacrosse Balltrapezius, a/c, ac joint, internal rotation
Thoracic Spine Double Lacrosse Ball SmashShouldersLacrosse Ball (2)upper back, upper spine
Back of the Neck SmashNeck/HeadLacrosse Ballneck pain, headaches, posterior neck pain
Collarbone SmashNeck/HeadLacrosse Ballfront of the neck, around the neck, neck pain, headaches SmashNeck/HeadLacrosse Balljaws, jaw muscle, headaches
Temple SmashNeck/HeadLacrosse Balljaw, headaches