In this video (inspired by a curl complex by Jeff Cavaliere over at Athlean X), Rob takes you through a tricep dip triphasic complex. It consists of three moves that target three different types of muscle contractions: concentric, eccentric, and isometric.

Here’s a quick explanation of each type.

Concentric: a movement that causes muscles to shorten, generating force
Eccentric: a movement that causes muscles to elongate in response to force
Isometric: the muscles do not shorten or elongate, rather maintain a static hold

To do this complex, you’ll need a dip bar but a chair/bench will work. A quick note on form-keep your shoulders externally rotated and “packed,” and keep your core tight. This complex will burn you out quickly so proper form is very important to avoid injury.

Exercise one is a traditional dip, where the focus is on the “press” back up to the top. Do this until failure, while maintaining proper form.
Exercise two is the same motion but this time you canĀ “cheat” your way to the top and focus on lowering yourself down as slowly as possible. Again, repeat until you can’t do anymore.
Finish with exercise three, which is holding in the lowered position, with your arms as close to parallel to the ground as possible. Hold this position until failure.

Save this complex until the end of your workout and enjoy your sweet new triceps!

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